Sale and purchase of business premises

The sale and purchase of business premises can be a complex procedure.

If you are the one selling the property, It is a good idea to get a solicitor involved to investigate a property and give you advice on if the property is a sound investment or not. The heads of terms review will include the draft of the sale, negotiating of the contract, and deal with any enquries or problems that may arise.

Property for sale

If you are the purchaser of the property, we also suggest getting a solicitor involved, they will be able to review the seller’s title, and any commercial property legalities raised.

When a sale and purchase of business premises goes ahead the contract and deed will need to be agreed, also if you are the purchaser, a stand of duty land tax return will need to be submitted, this is something a solicitor can also take care of. Also, they should undertake any registrations at companies’ house and land registries.

With the sale and purchase of business premises advice may also be required on planning obligation deed, section 106 agreement, and also security advice if it is needed.

When completing a sale and purchase of business premises, we suggest you do your research to find a good solicitor that will be able to remove all the legal jargon and explain everything in plain English that you will understand. A good solicitor will be able to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible.