Family and Personal Protection Dogs

What is a protection dog?

A family protection dog is trained to protect either an individual or family along with the property and any assets/ possessions they may have from any threats that occur. Trained protection dogs are educated to understand different types of situations that may arise and deal with this using necessary measures.

Protection Dog

Different types of protection dogs

Typically, large breeds of dogs are used for protection dogs. These include but are not limited to:

  • German shepherds
  • Malinois
  • Dobermans
  • Giant schnauzers
  • Cane Corso’s
  • Rottweilers
  • Boxers

Dependant upon the supplier you choose to purchase your protection dog from, will be dependent upon the breeds available to you. Some suppliers to choose to specialise in one breed, whereas others have a variety of breeds to select from. However, once speaking with your chosen specialist they should be able to advise you what dogs are suitable for your needs. This may be specific breeds or specific dogs they have available.

Benefits of owning a protection dog

There are many benefits which come with owning a personal protection dog. These include:

  • Protection dogs are trained to a very high standard so no other security measures are in competition with their protection – especially something you can buy from the shop!
  • Every dog is taught by command and therefore, it will always listen to the owner on the next move/ when to release etc.
  • As well as a protection dog, they are loving pets.
  • Offers peace of mind to families and individuals for their safety and safety of their possessions.
  • Can assist you in everywhere you go as they can travel with you to cater to your requirements.