Aluminium 6082 Round Bar

Aluminium 6082 round bar is a type of aluminium, aluminium is one of the lightest metals, it is at least three times lighter than the metal Iron, but even though it is lighter it is still very strong. It is very flexible and resistant to corrosion, it is covered in a thin coating of oxide film.


There are other grades of aluminium such as aluminium 5083 and other shapes of aluminium such as aluminium 6082 plate. These types of aluminium are used in many day to day things such as Engineering projects, bridges, cranes, skips and roof trusses.

The aluminium 6082 round bar and aluminium 6082 plate are available in various sizes to suit the requirements that you need, this can range from ¼” in diameter to 16” diameter for the aluminium 6082 round bar and for the aluminium 6082 plate it can come in 3/8” x ¼ up to 6” x 1” so there really is a size for everything and anything you need.

There are many other grades of aluminium available too, such as 2011-this is commonly used in highly complex and detailed parts, there is also aluminium 2104 which is mainly used in the aerospace industries.

If you need help and advice on which type of aluminium type you may require for the job in hand, talk to an aluminium stockist that will be able to guide you and help you choose the right type of aluminium that is needed.